Oh my adorable dear

I am waiting for you

You’re the one who always there in my dreams

When I close my eyes

Hear me my love

I always want to oversee you

Accompany you in every single day

Hear me my dear

There no one else

You’re the one who stay in my heart

My dear, you’re the only one that I’ve ever wanted

And nothing else in my heart

Forever you

Listen to my poetry

My deep expression

There is nothing else I could give

Nothing but my heart

I wanna be with through all day

I want to fill the emptiness in you heart

Till the end, you name will always stay

Safe in my heart

  1. pyuriko said:

    Mas satu ini sibuk buat puisi, tapi sampai saat ini tugas bongkar tas drku blom jg dikerjakan, hiikkkzzz….

  2. aroeng said:

    Greetings, hope all is well. Blessed those who have ever experienced the poison of love. My daughter will shout loudly: lover rulz!

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