Happy Birthday (An Open Letter to My Lovely Wife)

Dear my lovely one

In this wonderful day
I would like you to know that

It is you, the true gift, send by Allah to me
And another wonderful gift is our lovely daughter
Both of you are the true and wonderful gift for me

I know that we have been through and experienced the good and bad situation
But I know that we are strong to face it and I believe that we will make it

You’ve been taking care of me and our daughter so hard
And I really appreciate it

And I never know how continuing my life without you

I know that I have done so many mistakes
But that’s just because I’m a purely human being
But do not worry too much because I will do my best to be a good husband, good father, a good friend for you and our lovely daughter

I know that your pending dream is to take care of ASA and watching her grow up every day in a very close way. And I will do my best to make it in real

Oh my adorable dear
We still need your love and attention
And please love us passionately
Because in your love lies a strength of a mother
That can cure any disease and any anxious in us

Happy Birthday my dear
May Allah blessed you
May Allah blessed our family

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