Indonesia Is A Small Country With A Large Territory

I made a very clear statement on this issue to my foreign friends, simply just because we have no influence in the international issue even in the ASEAN region.

If we see the development of the Indonesian diplomacy, we could see that the Indonesian position on the international forum is under domination of other countries. The Indonesian foreign diplomacy could not reach more higher than we ever had in the Soekarno era.

Even now, Indonesia has already become the biggest democratic country in the ASEAN, but we failed to push forward the development of democracy in the ASEAN. Indonesia still surrounded by the undemocratic countries of ASEAN member states in the border. These countries are Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam.  So how can we fight for more democratic process in Burma while we can’t spreading the freedom in these three countries. And how we would play an important role in the rule of law and human rights issue while Indonesia still unrespect to the rule of law and human rights in our own countries.

So i guess i still could say that Indonesia is a small country with a large territory

  1. Indonesia is a big country with small income.

  2. taigen said:

    Yes we are small but beautiful 😀

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