Flying Back to Jakarta

From Manila, in 29 February 2008, I fly back to Jakarta using Cebu Pacific Airline. Well, it is my second time using Cebu Pacific. First, off course, my first experience using Cebu Pacific is to go to Manila from Jakarta. It is quite interesting experience, because the plane, I think it is use for mainly use for domestic flight purpose, when come into turbulence, the plane just act like roller coaster for many time. The first thing in my mind to appear is the famous story of Adam Air accident in Makassar. When it is happened, I just pray to Allah to give me another chance to see all my children getting married. It is quite a horrible for me, because since then, the image of Adam Air accident always appears in my mind, even until now.

Speaking on Adam Air accident, are there anyone knows what really happen to them? As far as I know there are no explanations from the Indonesian authorities (the National Committee on Transportation Safety or KNKT). I think it is the public rights to know, especially the family victims, about what really happened at that time.

Lesson learned, if you are going abroad I fully suggest you to use any National Flag Airline and do file a legal action if you are waiting for official explanation so long if your relative and/or your friends got accident in Transportation    

  1. Iko said:

    Welcome back…
    Welcome back to your family….

  2. Selamat kembali ketanah- air Mas,
    Selamat kembali ketengah- tengah keluarga,
    Ya Mas, he…serem ya. Kalo didarat sih bisa minta tolong pinggir2!!…mo turun!!..

  3. Nazieb said:

    Sedia parasut sebelum terbang 😀

  4. anggara said:

    terima kasih

    @kang kayu
    makanya agak menyeramkan

    wah nggak ada tuh mas

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