Let Us Elect the New Mayor for Tangerang City

Officially, according to my ID card issued by Tangerang City Government, I am registered as the resident of Tangerang city, while I spent my half life in Tangerang District. Like in the previous election for Banten Governor and the Regent of Tangerang, I never vote for any candidate, simply because I’m not registered as a voter.

But, I also have another reason, in every election, I would not find any specific objective from each candidate and I still doubt for their record in combating corruption. All that I might find just a junk promises from each candidate and many large banner of each candidate showing their friendly smile in every corner of the street.

I believe that Tangerang, both city and district, need a new leader. Each candidate should not only know how to command but to govern. They should know what their objectives are.

The incumbent banner is everywhere (not to mention the Deputy Mayor) around the city, from school to market, but it is nothing more than just a giant banner. You will also find the other candidate banner in more small scale, and once again, just a banner, and no more stories.

Consider that I just another mass floating voters, I need a more educated public debate between each candidate to have broader vision on their specific objective.

Do you agree with me?


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