You are legally poor

Yesterday, i attended a meeting in YLBHI. YLBHI and others NGO’s fellow discussed on the draft implementing regulation on the Legal Aid Law. One of the discussion is about the conditionalities of a person to be legally received legal aid. According to the draft, a person may claimed that they are poor if they do have a evidence that show that they are poor. Such as Healthcare Insurance for the Poor or other social safety net, including a letter from a head of village that acknowledge that they are poor.

What if the person have no identity, this kind of person may be found in many large cities in Indonesia. According to the draft regulation, the head of village in the crime of scene should give a letter that acknowledge that this person is poor. Just wondering, if in any case there would be a very kind head of village voluntary willing to give such letter.

In that discussion, i propose to filed a petition to the court so the court will declared through its rulling that “you are legally poor”. This kind of mechanism should be fast and only need a one day trial hearing.

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