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Kemarin saya dapat taut berita dari twitter mengenai kampanye penggunaan Kondom disini. Salah satu titik perhatian tertinggi adalah meningkatnya jumlah penderita AIDS di Indonesia. Dalam berita ini disampaikan bahwa “Indonesia’s Aids epidemic is among the fastest-growing in Asia. From small pockets at the turn of the century it has spread to all parts of the country. At just under 0.2 percent the infection rate is still low compared to parts of Africa. But new infections have tripled in the last six years, and alarmingly, risky sexual behaviour has taken over from intravenous drug use as the main route for its spread. In the words of the plain-speaking new health minister Dr Nafsiah Mboi, the epidemic is driven by “the four Ms: macho men with money and mobility”.

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