Congratulation Mr Caplang and KBBC

I would like to express my happy feeling on the establishment of Komunitas Bloger Benteng Cisadane (Benteng Cisadane Bloger Community) which chaired by Mr Caplang and assist by other member of Board of Director. Actually I did have planned to attend the meeting on Sunday 2nd March but unfortunately I couldn’t make it.

So I try to give my power of attorney to Mr. Caplang and I sent it by sms, but from the news made by Kang Kombor and also Mr. Caplang, there has been a different. Mr. Caplang on his post said that I present but in the other way Kang Kombor posted that I didn’t come. Why this is happened? I’m still questioning my self for this. Because when I give my power of attorney it should assume that my existence has been represent by someone else, in this case by Mr. Caplang.

Well, I should give my best wishes to the Board of Director of KBBC

  1. Payjo said:

    Lah, saya malah baru merhatiin soal ini Oom.
    Saya pribadi, menganggap kehadiaran Oom terwakili sama Oom Caplang koq.

  2. edy said:

    hadoooh… kan smsnya udah ditunjukin
    mungkin kang kombor kangen ama om anggara

  3. Selamat selamat buat Komunitas Bloger Benteng Cisadane (Benteng Cisadane Bloger Community),

  4. anggara said:

    cuma heran aja koq

    thanks ha…ha…ha….dasar junk post

    @jenderal bayut

    @kang kayu
    itu harusnya ditujukan pada kang caplang kang

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