Collecting Water

Someone usually try to collect something that has some unique dimension such as stamps, Barbie doll, or other things that may perhaps has many values in it.So, me and wife really exciting to have bottled water collection, we have waters from many different countries, from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korean, The Philippines, and etc.It’s really cheap and easy to bring for everyone; we also kindly ask if our friend would go abroad for short time to bring some bottled water for us. Why? Well in some culture in Indonesia, if you are in wedding ceremony, you would need some water comes from 7 sources to shower the couple, and we love to say that for our children in the future they will shower by 7 sources (bottled water) from different countries 🙂So if you want to go abroad let us know, and please bring some bottled water for us, many thanks

  1. Nazieb said:

    Entah kapan bisa keluar negeri 😦

  2. Payjo said:

    Saya dulu koleksi air dari sungai dan air terjun dari gunung-gunung yang saya datengin, sekarang ilang semua. Kadang tanahnya juga di koleksi.

  3. edy said:

    bukannya ada pembatasan jumlah cairan yg bisa dibawa, om?

  4. amrie said:

    mudah2an suatu hari nanti kami dapat membantu, mas.

  5. anggara said:

    tenang, pasti ada saatnya

    sayang, hilang ya mas. padahal kalau masih ada bagus tuh

    @Jenderal bayut
    ok ditunggu, ke singapura atau malaysia atau timor leste aja kan dekat mas? :mrgreen:

    kan ditaruh di bagasi

    makasih mas

  6. Yoga said:

    Unique collection 🙂
    You won’t drink that water someday won’t you?

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